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In this article, we will discuss fertilizer blend and the different fertilizer blending equipment or also known as fertilizer blender, including fertilizer blend calculator. Before we begin, we will give a little introduction about us and what we do. We are the leading storage and fertilizer blending solutions designer in Canada. Our company invests a lot of resources to design custom solutions and integrate high-quality machines to deliver turnkey solutions with superior performance. With several hundred buildings designed and built across western Canada, we have become a trusted leader in the industry.

Our reputable service team is dedicated to providing fast, reliable service to all of western Canada. No matter how complex the job, our crews have the training and experience to get the job done right, the first time.

We pride ourselves on our in-house equipment and design team, whose skill and dedication allow us to assist in designing the best storage and fertilizer blending facility for your needs. Our expert engineering team can provide complete site schematic drawings, direct to our manufacturers.

If you need a fertilizer blending facility, we deal in a wide range of products, including a Macro fertilizer blend, Dry fertilizer blender, Macro fertilizer blend mixer, and Fertilizer Drum blender. You will be sure to get these fertilizer blenders integrated into your facility at reasonable prices. Additionally, we have ethical working habits that have helped us develop a huge client base.

How is a Fertilizer Blend Made

A fertilizer blend is made with the use of various blenders to mix fertilizers evenly. It can also be used for blending other materials. Most fertilizer manufacturers mix fertilizers with various materials to produce nutritious fertilizers.

You have to ensure even mixing of the materials. And you can only achieve even mixing using fertilizer blending equipment. What’s more, you need a fertilizer blend calculator when creating your blend.

Different Types of Fertilizer

There are different fertilizers that you can use to blend. These include complex fertilizers, bulk blending fertilizers, and inorganic fertilizers. Most individuals in the agricultural sector prefer bulk blending fertilizer because it has high fertility.

Some countries produce fertilizers on a large scale, while others produce in small quantities. Bulk blend fertilizers also referred to as BB, have numerous manufacturing formulas.

You need to check your soil condition and plant requirements before choosing the ideal formulation for making bulk blend fertilizer.

Different Types of Equipment Available to do the Blending

The market is full of fertilizer blending equipment. We will discuss some of the products available.

Accurate Fertilizer Blending

The equipment has the flexibility and capacity users need in the modern world. We can procure and integrate accurate fertilizer blending equipment that is the most effective mixer available in the market today. The mixer has a superior design that allows rapid blending and equal addition.

Additionally, the fertilizer blender uses certified weight systems. These systems weigh individual ingredients for accuracy, and their garner-style design makes both systems of high quality and speed. We can help you find the right fertilizer blending equipment and design and implement the configurations to meet your requirements.

Declining Weight (DW) Blending Systems

The Declining Weight Blending systems consist of heavy-duty stainless-steel structures and hoppers. These machines also feature a feeder that gently handles material and dispenses the right amount of material.

Declining systems have hoppers for granular materials. Additionally, they include a coating system for adding liquids and nutrient stabilizers into the blended fertilizers. We can integrate Declining Weight Systems are built with premium technology for flexible operation, precision, and high tonnage for your facility.

Horizontal Blending Systems

The Horizontal Blending Equipment is designed to meet the market needs of accurate blends with low overhead space. It is an excellent choice for warehouses with inadequate spaces.

We can obtain Horizontal Blending Equipment that combines the technology used in Declining Weight systems with an efficient mixer yielding high-quality, effective floor-based fertilizer blending equipment. Like the Declining systems, the machines include hoppers for granular materials.

Vertical Screw Blender

Another fertilizer blender our company offers clients is the Vertical Screw Blending system. These systems are precise and flexible, like the most effective mixers.

The mixer offers consistent blends and allows the use of powdered and liquid additives. Further, the equipment is designed with stringent requirements to meet the industry standards. It encompasses removable totes for easy loading of ingredients.

Tower Blending Systems

We can integrate different versions of the Tower Blending Equipment. Different versions have varying capacities ranging from 90 tonnes to over 300 tonnes. Many come with a variety of mixer designs that suit customers’ needs.

These systems reduce your overall blending system footprint. In addition, Tower blending mixers feature accurate fertilizer blending technology that makes it efficient.

When to Use Which Equipment

With the numerous fertilizer blending equipment, you have to know the applications of each system to get the right product. Our company can provide you with several different fertilizer mixers depending on your raw materials. We can integrate several fertilizer blenders for mixing different types of fertilizer.


Bulk Blend Fertilizer Mixer

Bulk blend fertilizer is obtained when you mix certain proportions of granular single and compound fertilizers. You only need a batching machine and a bulk blend fertilizer blender to produce bulk blend fertilizer in a small production unit.

Bulk blend fertilizer mixer is made from stainless steel and has a simple operation. Its design is unique, and its components include storage bins, mixers, weighing scales, and large conveyor belts elevators.

We have a variety of bulk blend fertilizer mixer configurations, so you can choose what you prefer. The equipment features the following:

  • Low noise levels: The bender arts are well-connected; therefore, it runs smoothly with minimal noise
  • Production efficiency and structure: The blender improves the accuracy of ingredients and is designed to overcome the cold weather effects. We guarantee quick and safe operation with this system
  • Floor space: Since the blending equipment uses a large inclination belt conveyor, it occupies less production area

If you are looking for a bulk blend fertilizer mixer for your production plant, you can choose a drum bulk blend fertilizer mixer. It allows for continuous bulk blend fertilizer production. Its output ranges from 30 tonnes to 40 tonnes hourly.

The blending equipment contains a wear-resistant and highly efficient mixer for a quality blend. If you wish to use this system, you can outline you can discuss your specifications with our experts to customize the bulk blend fertilizer mixer for your needs.

Why Choose Us

We have been leaders in technology and innovation in the fertilizer blending design world. We have vast experience in the field and guarantee customers top-quality solutions. Additionally, we understand that each customer is unique, so we take the time to listen and understand your needs.

Our professionals assess clients’ needs and engineer solutions that best fit their needs regardless of the project size. They are highly qualified to design systems to meet your needs and have a longer service life.

One thing that makes us stand out is our commitment to clients. We see customers as our partners, and we wish for them to return. We provide personalized services to each individual and ensure our services do not end with the sale. We will be available to help you with replacement parts and maintenance services.

Furthermore, we never compromise on the safety of our solutions and the equipment used. Our primary feature of all our equipment and systems is safety. Plus, we work with our customers to ensure they meet all the company-specific requirements.

Are you looking for a top-rated company to help you select and integrate the best fertilizer blending machines? You can get in touch with us through email, phone, or web form. We will provide all the information you need regarding the best fertilizer blending facility solutions.

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