Fertilizer Storage Buildings

Wood Fertilizer Storage Buildings:

Rancan is the original designer and builder of flat storage buildings in Western Canada. Since 1983 we are one of the best Fertilizer storage Buildings designer in the market and we have constructed hundreds of buildings over the years. Often copied by our competitors…


Standard Wood building designs include:

○ 1800 to 5000 Tonne fertilizer storage buildings

○ Dimensional lumber, Maintenance free exteriors

○ HD interior doors with custom designed bin divisions to suit your business

○ Buildings are designed and engineered with our knowledge and suiting the ever-changing Ag Industry. Features include:

● Stand Alone custom office and control rooms

● Wood frame construction

● Engineered concrete foundations

● HD steel interior frame work allowing our new buildings to be “ROD FREE”

High Capacity reclaim areas giving room for Now and the Future

Custom equipment to suit each size of building is designed and presented to the customer with ACAD drawings for your review 

This is not enough, Rancan is also a leading designers of Blending Bin System. Our bin system allows you to custom blend that goes with the speed of 300 Tonne per hour.

Rancan Fertilizer Systems

We pride ourselves on our in-house equipment and storage design team, whose skill and dedication allow us to assist in designing the best storage and blending facility for your needs.