Fertilizer belt conveyor

Rancan Fertilizer Systems is a Canadian 100-percent fertilizer framework organization with a long-standing reputation for building and designing giant fertilizer systems such as grain elevators, fertilizer mixers, and conveyors.

Our fertilizer conveyor belts are highly efficient and simple machines for transporting materials. The fertilizer conveyor can transport not only detrital materials, e.g., liquid fertilizer, pellets, etc., but also auxiliary elements. Belt conveyors are widely used in fertilizer, metallurgy, coal, transportation, water, electricity, plastic industries, etc.

In the whole fertilizer production line, the high-efficiency fertilizer conveyor transports materials from the first ingredient, paying attention to the last release point, which realizes the continuous vehicle and ensures the normal operation of the whole line. This fertilizer machine saves manpower and energy and is an ideal piece of equipment for vehicles.


Fertilizer belt conveyor features:

  1. It realizes long-distance material transportation with large loading weight, fast-moving speed, stable properties, and low noise.
  2. We produce fertilizer conveyor ourselves, so it has low cost, low energy consumption, and quality certificate.
  3. The frame of the conveyor belt can be easily stretched, the frame is sparse and light, and it is convenient to disassemble.
  4. Single constant and active material conveying line concentrated automation and control is easier to see.
  5. With a simple and minimized structure, the belt conveyor is easy to assemble, operate and maintain. To a large extent, it reduces labor intensity and increases work efficiency.
  6. With a uniform and even load, the impact during engine speed is small. The continuous and stable operation ensures lower energy consumption, reducing production costs.

The operating principle of the fertilizer belt conveyor:

The fertilizer belt conveyor consists of a frame, a conveyor line, a conveyor roller, a rotating drum, a tension device, and a transmission gear.

The conveyor belt frame consists of two deflection rollers in which an endless circle of transport medium – the conveyor belt – rotates. One of the pulleys is moved, causing the belt and the material in the belt to advance. The driven pulley is called the driving pulley while the unmoved pulley is called the rotary drum. The traction sheave is driven by an electric motor through the minimizer and is placed on the release side for increased traction. The belt conveyor is driven by friction between the drive pulley and itself. The material benefits from soil treatment and then falls onto a rotating conveyor belt and is released depending on friction.


Application of Fertilizer Conveyor Belt:

Belt conveyors for fertilizers are suitable for transporting materials (powder, particles, material with small protrusions, or packaged materials) whose specific gravity is below 1.67/ton/cubic meter. The material temperature should be below 60°C. The whole assembly line depends on the customer’s requirements; both the electric drum and the driver’s cabin are accessible. Natural and compound fertilizer conveyors are mainly used for flat vehicles or shifting highly profitable gears. This heavy-duty fertilizer conveyor is widely used in today’s modern enterprises such as underground road mining, mine land transportation gantry, and fertilizer business. The fertilizer belt conveyor can precisely meet a variety of acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, harmlessness, and environmental protection requirements.