Rancan Fertilizer Systems has been an innovative and reliable partner since 1982. We pride ourselves in designing and creating the highest quality equipment for all projects. No matter the complexity of the job at hand our reputable service team is dedicated to providing fast, and reliable service to all of western Canada and beyond. Our crew is both trained and extremely experienced in all types of bulk storage warehouse, bulk fertilizer handling, bulk and grain elevator buckets fertilizer blending equipment, and NPK fertilizer blending to make your job site seamless.  Our extensive in-house equipment and inventory allow us to assist you in designing the best bulk storage warehouses, fertilizer blending equipment, grain buckets and elevators for your site needs.

Our extensive knowledge of blenders and equipment allows our team of engineers to provide you with complete site schematics to make sure you and your project are headed in the right direction. Our knowledgeable team creates fertilizer blenders for you, fertilizer blenders are used for mixing materials evenly and efficiently. Here are some examples of systems that we have designed and implemented:

Volumetric Fertilizer Blending Systems

Volumetric fertilizer blending systems are created by our team in a wide variety of sizes to keep your system fast and clean. These Stainless Steel Metering screws come with standard AC motors, SS guarding, and sensors to identify both low levels of product and slow speeds. Our Volumetric Blending Systems all include standard micro bins with SS framework to keep these units both portable and dependable over time, fertilizer blenders tie into our PC /PLC control with on-screen graphic displays. Volumetric Fertilizer Blending Equipment is designed to accommodate 300 tonnes per hour blending speeds.

Fertilizer Blender

Decline Weight Blending

Decline weight blending is custom-designed for NPK blending and sized to suit your NPK blending plant.  Stainless steel construction with SS meterscrews come complete with SS load cells, sensors and guarding to keep your facility long lasting and safe. Decline Weight Fertilizer blenders tie into our PC /PLC control with on-screen graphic displays. Decline Weight Fertilizer Blending Equipment are designed to accommodate 300 tonne per hour blending speeds.  Our knowledgeable team creates fertilizer blenders for you, fertilizer blenders are used for mixing materials evenly and efficiently.

Vertical Screw Blenders

Vertical Screw Blenders range from 8, 10, 12 and 15-tonne capacities that are all custom designed to suit your complex needs. With custom inlets, discharges and side load hoppers these bulk fertilizer blenders include dodge gear box drives with SS guarding that are Canadian made and built to last. Rancan Fertilizer Systems’ extensive inventory and experienced engineers allow us to work with you to custom build fertilizer blending equipment with shorter heights to fit into your preexisting warehouse.

fertilizer bin site with blender

Bucket Elevators and Grain Elevators

Bucket Elevators and Grain Elevators (generic information about Grain Elevators can be found here) will accommodate your needs and capabilities, with all stainless steel Canadian construction, standard bucket and grain elevators range in size from 50 tonnes to 300 tonnes per hour. Do these sizes not fit the needs and capacities of your jobsite? No problem, our team specializes in custom builds and can be created for up to 800 tonnes per hour. Our sales and service team can help you pick the options you need for your bucket elevators and grain bucket elevators with options that include SS channeled rest platforms, full distributor platforms, and full-service platforms, powder-coated ladders and cages, SS ladder brackets, SS inspection sections, HD all SS boots with removable sides for better service. All bucket elevators and grain bucket elevators are all designed and built to last.

Bulk Storage Warehouse

Rancan Fertilizer System is the original designer and builder of flat storage buildings in Western Canada. In the last 40 years of reputable business has made us a pioneer of innovation with hundreds of buildings created by us across Canada, we offer innovative wood storage building include 1800 to 5000-tonne storage buildings with dimensional lumber and maintenance-free exteriors keep you focused on your product, and with HD interior doors and custom-designed bin divisions, these custom bulk storage warehouses are made by us, for your business. The agriculture industry is an ever-changing market, and that’s why our bulk storage warehouses are completely customizable, so that you are never facing outdated issues. These bulk storage warehouses include stand alone and custom offices and control rooms, to keep you and your team organizes, wood frame construction that will last the test of time, and varying Canadian weather conditions, engineered concrete foundations, HD steel interior framing to make sure these new custom bulk storage warehouses are “ROD FREE”. With the large size, and complete customization of our innovative wood bulk storage warehouses fit your business now, and in the future. Contact our sales and service team and we will create a custom designed building with ACAD drawing for you to review to make sure these wood bulk storage warehouses fit your businesses every need.

Fertilizer Storage Buildings

Parts Department

Our Parts Department carries common items for all manufacturers of fertilizer blenders, our knowledgeable parts department will help you with these parts for your conveyors, augers, drags and bucket elevators.   We carry replacement parts for your existing vertical screw blenders including replacement augers, gearbox drives and bearings.  With so many different bucket elevator manufacturers, we are well equipped to supply your replacement parts, and if these parts are not in stock, our custom manufacturing can help supply replacement parts for all bucket elevators to suit your bucket fertilizer blenders, fertilizer bucket elevators, augers, drags and conveyors.

Contact us to start designing your bulk storage warehouse and bulk fertilizer handling solutions.